It's time to meet your customers

A shopping experience customized for each user that combines video commerce, assisted selling and personalization


Frictionless Video Commerce

Assisted Selling

Help your customers find what they are actually looking for

Our tools help store associates gain a deeper understanding of the customers' needs and preferences, guiding them to find the products and experiences they are truly looking for.

20%+ Increase
in sales conversion


Products and services to meet what the customer demands

Combining insights and AI with human expertise, you can better tailor individualized and unique customer experiences leading to higher satisfaction and stronger brand loyalty.

15%+ Increase
in customer satisfaction
How it Works


Shoppable videos in mere minutes with the Creator Studio

The Creator Studio app empowers your sales associates to effortlessly curate digital pop-up shops for your VIP customers, and proactively engage with multiple customers simultaneously using our innovative selling tools. This enables them to deliver a personalized, immersive virtual experience that rivals the intimacy of an in-store encounter.


Private or public links with end-to-end data analytics and sales attribution

Transform your content library into a revenue-generating asset by leveraging it to reach niche markets and offer exclusive, private shoppable experiences to your customers with 100% tracking capabilities. With the ability to distribute content across multiple channels such as SMS, email, and social media, you will drive traffic back to your brand and nurture stronger 1:1 or 1:many relationships with your customers.


More customers without them ever leaving the video

The Because Platform enables consumers to complete their purchases seamlessly within the video experience, eliminating the need to navigate to a separate checkout page. This not only streamlines the purchasing process for customers but also generates valuable data on purchasing behavior and interactions, which inform strategic insights for both the brand and creators.

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Our proprietary technology delivers a greater level of consumer insights and unlocks the trends and products your audience desires.

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